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Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying “The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.”

The Canadian Income Tax Act is confusing and hard to understand.

That’s why FBC continually researches and keeps up to date on the ever changing landscape of taxes and how they affect farmers and small business owners.

In our research, we’ve put together the following eBooks and Infographics

If you missed them, you can get caught up here with this list containing facts on various tax topics, including:

  • CRA audits
  • The history of income taxes
  • The future of farming
  • Tips on tax planning
  • Things to avoid in your taxes and bookkeeping

View the eBooks and Infographics below.

3-year Tax ReviewSmall Business Benefits of a Second Opinion

Download this report to learn 3 common mistakes that all business owners may want to watch for and find out about the importance of getting a second opinion on your financial health.

10 Strategies for a Profitable Business10 Strategies for a Profitable Business

Download this ebook for profitable tips for your small business, including tax strategies that can be used to optimize business and personal funds, and ensure your funds maintain tax-free status.

The Fiscal FarmerThe Fiscal Farmer

The Canadian farmer is faced with an increasingly challenging world. This Infographic is dedicated to all the farmers in Canada and around the world.

Taxpayers vs. CRA: The Audit Battle in CanadaTaxpayers vs. CRA: The Audit Battle in Canada

In the future, there will be more audits and more focus on compliance and collecting tax debt. This infographic focuses on stats around Audits and Tax Debt in Canada and shows some alarming trends!

96 Years of Temporary Taxation in Canada96 Years Of Temporary Taxation in Canada

We’ve had some fun with facts and put together our Canadian Tax Landscape Infographic reflecting on Canada’s genesis of income tax as a temporary measure created during WWI 96 years ago! Enjoy.

Growing Complexities of Canada's Tax SystemGrowing Complexities of Canada’s Tax System

CRA audit actions have risen significantly for both individuals and small businesses and the Income Tax Act hasn’t become any easier to understand. Download our eBook and learn how to protect yourself from the ever growing tax rules.

Build Wealth Through Year-Round Tax PlanningYour Guide to Building Wealth Through Year-Round Tax Planning

Download this ebook for tips and strategies to help you avoid the scramble at tax time by having organized records and putting strategies in place to increase your wealth through tax planning.

7 Big Mistakes Small Business Owners Make at Tax Time7 Big Mistakes Small Business Owners Make at Tax Time

This ebook will provide a list of 7 things that you can watch for to avoid mistakes in your taxes and bookkeeping.

How to Pay Less Tax with Advanced Tax Planning (Agribusiness)How to Pay Less Tax with Advanced Tax Planning (Agribusiness)

Download our advanced tax planning whitepaper to learn actions you can take now that will save you money and taxes both personally and in your farm business.

Farming in Canada: The Biggest risks and How to Mitigate ThemFarming in Canada: The Biggest risks and How to Mitigate Them

Download our eBook that looks at the risk trends of the farming industry today and options you have as a farmer to make sure your business thrives in good times and in bad.

If there’s a topic that you would like us provide an indepth look at, contact us. Better yet, give us a call 1.800.265.1002 and we’ll send out one of our tax specialists to review your specific situation.