Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Tailored for your personal and business strategy. Nothing missed but everything gained.

All tax returns are not created equal. FBC has been preparing tax returns for owner-operated businesses for 65 years. There isn't anything we haven't seen. Are you prepared?

FBC Tax Preparation Personal and Corporate

New Member Tax Profile

When you join FBC, we review your previous 3 years’ tax returns.


During our initial tax review of your situation, we look at your past income tax returns and notices of assessment, your existing business structure, and your personal and family tax situations and meet with you to discuss your short and long-term tax goals.


If we find a discrepancy or opportunity in your tax returns, we can submit an adjustment request to CRA.

Analyzing past year returns helps us establish future tax-saving strategies for you, and ultimately ensures you are better off financially over the long term.


Let us worry about all your tax compliance filings every year.


Federal T2 corporate tax returns,
Provincial corporate tax returns,
Provincial sales tax
GST/HST returns,
Personal T1 tax returns, (husband/wife/family)
T4 returns & slip preparation,
T5 returns & slip preparation,
Payroll remittances (CPP and EI filings)
T5013 partnership
T3 trust returns and beneficiaries.
... and many more.


FBC will also assist you, if needed, with the preparation of forms for any of the following government programs:

Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
Old Age Security (OAS)
Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Right. And, On Time

You Are Not Alone

As an FBC member, we'll come to your office, home or worksite for data collection, and to get to know your business better. You’ll never have to deal with government officials alone—we will act as your audit representative on any challenge of your returns for income tax or GST/HST. We have a wide range of Financial Professionals to help with you any aspect of your personal & corporate journey.

Unfiled Taxes?

Getting behind with your accounting & taxes is so common. Unfortunately, once your finances go off the rails, you can fail quickly, as mistakes and missed deadlines compound the problem.

It's time to get caught up.

Stay Caught Up!

With an FBC financial professional, you no longer have to worry about whether you’re doing everything right, or on time. You don't have to worry about if you'll receive a big fine for a late tax payment, payroll remittance or inaccurate tax or payroll calcs. Focus on your clients, we'll focus on your business.

Reduce CRA Risk

It's tough to know where to start when trying to protect against all the CRA Audit rulings. The proper account structure and processes will reduce the risk an audit will occur in the first place (by helping with more accurate tax returns). And, it also reduces the likelihood that CRA will rule against you if it goes to court.

Get A Second Opinion

Just like your personal health, it never hurts to get a second opinion on the financial health of your business. Did you get the maximum refund you're entitled to? Are you taking advantage of ALL the tax credits available to you? Are you paying the least amount of tax? FBC has specialized in saving farms and small businesses money on their taxes for over 60 years. We’re experts at positioning your taxes in ways that can save you money now and in the long run.

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Why Choose FBC As Your Tax Preparation Firm?

Personal & Corporate Tax Returns

As a small business, you most likely have a corporation. The preparation of salary vs. dividend tax analysis and optimizing between yours and your spouse's personal T1 tax return as well as a corporate T2 tax return is a highly complex algorithm; one that we've developed painstakingly over several decades.

Regardless of whether you earn income personally (salary) or through a combination of corporately and personally (dividend) taxed income, the net income after tax is the most important calculation of your tax return. Our proprietary FBC tax engine analyzes thousands of variables and presents several viable options for preparation of your personal and corporate income tax returns. We choose the best option for your circumstances and prepare your final tax return on that basis.

FBC Technology Systems and Software

FBC's unique, proprietary tax computer system – TaxGuard™ – processes the data from your records using software and systems created by FBC. The FBC tax engine is unmatched in its ability to store and interpret both current and historical tax-related data.

Our "ATOM" technology stands for Advanced Tax Optimization for Members. It’s exclusive to Members of FBC and has been created using 40 years of FBC tax optimization strategies and knowledge.

ATOM and TaxGuard™ analyzes thousands of variables and hundreds of tax scenarios. It presents several viable options for preparation of your personal and corporate income tax returns. We choose the best option for your circumstances and prepare your final tax return on that basis.

On-site Data Collection

Following your financial year-end, we come to your home or place of business to collect all of the data necessary to complete your income tax returns, as well as financial statements and year-end GST/HST returns. We also provide assistance with payroll matters and entitlement programs during this appointment.

100% Audit Protection

If you're audited by the CRA we'll represent you at no extra cost. This is part of our Member Service Guarantee, which includes Audit Protection. And, if any interest charges are levied against you because of an error in our calculations, we'll pay them, too.

You have the peace of mind knowing that we stand behind the tax solutions that we prepare for you. The experience, expertise and painstaking care we bring to each Member relationship means peace of mind for you in any dealings with government agencies/departments and financial institutions.

Source and Application of Funds Report

FBC is the only tax services company that completes a Source and Application of Funds report to support its data collection. This report – done at the end of the T1 personal data collection process – lists all personal and business cash receipts (source), as well as where every dollar went (application).

Our representative tracks down any missing data so the results are in balance before the appointment is finalized. This ensures we don’t miss any items, including tax-saving opportunities, when completing your income tax return.

Bookkeeping Accounting Systems

Good record keeping is critical in managing your business for tax planning as well as for the preparation of an accurate, complete income tax return as well as to ensure you are protected in your dealings with CRA and audit situations.

As a Member with FBC you have access to a wide range of bookkeeping accounting systems from traditional paper-based record keeping to an online, cloud-based system to a complete hands-off bookkeeping service with additional options for completing your payroll, remittance returns and GST/HST filings.

Financial Statement Package

At your tax return appointment we also collect data so we can prepare financial statements to help you manage your business and enhance your dealings with lending institutions and other third parties.

You can choose the financial statement format most suitable for your business.

Final and Estate Tax Returns

During the difficult times when a family is coping with the death of an FBC Member, we provide the following services.

Final T1 tax returns

FBC completes the final income tax return for the deceased Member. This ensures you pay the least amount of personal and trust income tax.

We provide support for the beneficiaries and executors/administrators, and help coordinate estate settlement with your lawyer. Ultimately, we ensure your final wishes from a tax perspective are addressed.

Estate tax returns (T3)

You have to file a T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return, for income of the estate earned after the date of death. If the terms of a trust were established by the will or a court order in relation to the deceased individual's estate under provincial or territorial dependant relief or support law, you also have to file a T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return for that trust.

FBC completes the estate tax return and provides support for both the beneficiaries and executors/administrators of the estate.


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