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Missed the June 15th deadline?

Don't let CRA interest charges and penalties eat away at your profits. You may have missed the June 15th deadline but there are ways you can save on your taxes. Download our free toolkit to learn how. 

Tax Preparation Toolkit For Your Small Business

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If your business owes income tax - even if you're self-employed - you had to pay your taxes by April 30 or face CRA interest charges on the amount you owe. 

But April 30th has come and gone.  And so has June 15th. If you've paid (or even if you haven't), you still have an opportunity to optimize your tax return and offset some of those filing penalties. 

If you want to protect your bottom line, get yourself organized with our Tax Prep Toolkit for Small Business Owners.  

Don't let unnecessary charges eat away at your profits. Get your free toolkit today.

Here's what's included in your small business tax preparation toolkit:

  • Important tax filing deadlines in 2021 for self-employed Canadians, and small business owners (and what happens if you missed them)
  • How COVID-19 relief programs will impact your tax returns (CRB, CEWS, CERS, CERB, CEBA and TWS)
  • Commonly missed business expense deductions, tax write-offs and credits for small business owners and self-employed Canadians
  • Details on the impact of TFSA or RRSP contributions to your taxable income
  • A printable checklist to ensure you don't miss any key tax documents
Tax Preparation Toolkit