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Over 65 years of helping farm and small business owners succeed

If there's a buck to be made, you should be the one to make it. And keep it.


Over 65 years supporting Canadian farm and small business owners.


FBC saved Canadian businesses over $37 million in taxes last year.


Over 20,000 Canadian businesses choose FBC for accounting support.

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Over 65 years and going strong

FBC takes care of the paperwork so you can take care of your family

With 12 offices and over 300 employees, FBC has helped Canadian small businesses succeed for three generations.

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If you owe income tax - even if you're self-employed - you still have to pay by April 30 or face CRA interest charges.

Missed the payment deadline? You can still get yourself organized for the June 15th filing deadline our Tax Prep Toolkit and set yourself up to maximize your tax savings.

Farm Business Consulting

FBC Members Say

"FBC has always been there when I needed them, and this was proven by the great job they did with the 2018 GST audit they worked with me on over the last year."

- Larry B. (Saskatchewan) FBC Member Since 2004