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Weather more than just the weather

Mother Nature is unpredictable, but your farm or agribusiness doesn't have to be. We help farmers balance their books, pay their hands, and save money at tax time.

Grow Something Great

Plan a strong legacy for the kids.

Farming takes patience - so does farm accounting.
With over 70 years of experience, we know the best way to mitigate risk, save money,
and cultivate a better future for you and your family.

Organize my books

Know exactly where your money goes, with our help.

Process my payroll

Your people paid the right way,
at the right time.

Find me tax savings

We won't let you
overpay the CRA again.

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Farm and Ag Producers Tax Strategies

If your farm owes income tax, it's important to file on time, or risk penalties and interest from the CRA on the amount you owe.


FBC Members Say

"FBC helped file my farm risk management application - we received a payment of $221,000.
We're reassured by the fact that FBC will help our family through anything that comes."

- Garry and Diana C. (Alberta) FBC Members Since 1979

We can help you plan a risk mitigation strategy that will outlast one bad season - just like Garry and Diana.


FBC Bookkeeping

We make farm accounting make sense

Whether it's a junk drawer in your shop or a cab full of receipts, we will get you organized and save you money.

  • Use the best method of farm accounting to maximize your profits
  • Improve your cash flow so you can finance equipment
  • Software that lets you scan and upload receipts right at your time of purchase

FBC Tax Membership

We run loops around
the loopholes

With over 70 years of farm and agribusiness tax experience, you'll rest easy knowing your returns are accurate, timely, and save you money.

  • Tax strategy to maximize credits specific to agriculture
  • Help applying for most government risk management programs (Growing Forward, AgriStability, etc.)
  • Review old returns to see if we can get you some more money

FBC Payroll

You have enough chores - cross payroll off your list

Whether it's seasonal pickers or extra hands at harvest, they work hard for you. Make sure they get their due.

  • Accurate payments on time, every time
  • Deductions are paid and remitted to the right place, the first time
  • Sign-up for employee direct deposit

We Know Farming And Agribusiness

You work hard for your money.
We help you keep it.

Whether you want to pay less tax, increase your cash flow, or save
payroll headaches, we can handle that for you. Any time.

FBC Members Say

“It's stress-free for us in our farming business.”

- Leslie Z. (Ontario) FBC Member Since 2012