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Should I Incorporate My Canadian Small Business?

Advantages of Incorporating Canadian Small BusinessYou have your business up and running, perhaps as a sole proprietorship or a partnership and are now seeing some growth and profit.

You may be wondering if you should now incorporate your business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Various
Business Structures

The following is a list of possible advantages and disadvantages of the most common forms of business structure.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is a business owned by one person, called a “proprietor.”


  • Simplest and least expensive to set up
  • Minimal registration requirements
  • Owner in direct control
  • Possible tax benefits (losses can be applied against other income of proprietor)


  • Owner assumes all risk of business; responsible for payment of all business debts. Creditors can seize your personal assets.
  • Lack of continuity (ownership not transferable)
  • Difficult to raise capital
  • Possible tax disadvantages (profits must be added to personal income)


Business owned by two or more individuals or corporations.


  • Easy to set up and very flexible
  • Limited regulation
  • Partners provide sources of additional capital and skills


  • Partners assume personal liability for debts of business
  • If disagreements arise, business can suffer
  • More complex record keeping and tax returns


A separate legal entity which can enter into contracts and own property separately and distinctly from its owners who are the shareholders.


  • Limited liability (generally limited to individual’s personal investment in the business)
  • Continuous existence (ownership transferable)
  • Easier to raise capital (i.e. money for the business can be raised by selling shares)
  • Possible tax advantages


  • More expensive and complicated to set up and maintain
  • Extensive record keeping and complex taxation
  • Closely regulated

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By Jason Clements