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FBC Member Spotlight: The Hagan Family

To say Alistair and Erin Hagan are busy is an understatement.

The FBC Members and couple of almost 20 years run a family owned cattle farm in Virden, Manitoba.

On top of their day-to-day operations on the farm, they also own and run Hagan Performance and Ranch Horse Sale.

Both Alistair and Erin were raised on family farms, and each one had a small herd of cows when they started dating.

Soon after Erin and Alistair tied the knot in 2002, they started buying land and cattle together.

They also started a custom hoof trimming business and began training ranch and rodeo horses.

But that wasn’t enough for the Hagan family!

In 2006, with Alistair’s parents and brother, the family started hosting their own horse sale.

A barrel racing/rope horse breeding program quickly followed.

With more land, and a growing cow herd, they also began a custom grazing operation.

“What inspired us, and continues to inspire us, is the dream of being ranchers and working for ourselves and doing what we love,” Erin says.

Erin and Alistair are responsible for every part of their business, from feeding the cow herd and training new horses to keeping up with social media promotions – all while running to hockey and gymnastics for their two kids, Harley and Slade.

Besides the day-to-day operations on the farm, they spend a good chunk of time at events to promote their horse sale as well as their home-raised foals.

Erin is also the star photographer for their business – she’s busy all summer creating videos and shooting profile shots of their horses.

“Our career path is based on our dream,” Erin says. “We have both evolved as horsemen, stockmen, managers and marketers in order to continue to chase our dream and strive to be at the top of our industries.”

It can get hectic – but their dedication to the business, and raising a family on the ranch, keeps them going.

Her advice to other business owners is simple: “Make sure it’s something you are truly passionate about, that will get you through the tough times.”

Their operations have grown to include over 2,500 working cattle, and they’ve expanded the horse sale from the local market to coast to coast and the United States.

“This will be our first year going alone as we have taken over the horse sale ourselves, yet another evolution of our business,” Erin says.

Erin says their “small business win” is keeping a tight-knit working relationship with their families.

“Our biggest rewards have been to work as a family,” Erin says. “That’s a win and something a lot of farm families can’t do.”

With such busy lives, the Hagans enjoy working with their Local Tax Consultant Corey Muter: “We like the personal connection with FBC, the fact we work at our kitchen table has made us comfortable and allowed us to ask more questions. With all the different challenges we face we always seek guidance from FBC! Corey never knows what we may call to ask him or when, but he always answers!”

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