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FBC Reviews: December 2019

We love hearing from farmers and small business owners on what they like about being an FBC Member.

Here are some recent FBC reviews collected through Rocket Referrals.

What FBC Members love about our On-Site Tax Appointment

Being a first-time business owner/operator I had the usual fears, not knowing what was going to happen, not knowing what to expect with the accounting end of things. I called FBC, at first I thought their fees were a little high but what I saw when they took over was exceptional. They came to my house, they were very easy to get a hold of, easy to set up appointments. When I thought that appointments were going to take a long time, they made it look easy and effortless, it took away any stress that I might have been feeling, and best of all they got me money back! Better than anything I could have hoped for!
— Patrick K., customer since 2018, Calgary

I started my small business in 2010 and went through my share of accounting firms and corporate accountants. Always being confused with what I needed to be submitting and dropping off at the firm. I was always missing something. Having to arrange to go back and drop off a document. Always telling me if I get audited I’m on my own. I enjoy that FBC came to my place of business/home office where I have access to my computer and all my files. Makes sense to me. Always had a comforting voice on the other end of the line helping me along the way.
— Eric D., customer since 2013, Edmonton

What FBC Members love about our customer service

I would suggest your company to any of my friends. All the staff has excellent customer service, whenever I call or email I always get the answer back to my question — I never have to wait. I live a very busy lifestyle and knowing that I have FBC covering my back makes my life a whole lot easier.
— Cheryl D., customer since 2016, Kelowna

Have always had a great experience dealing with FBC, any questions we have are usually quickly answered and they have gone the extra mile to make sure we are saving where we can. Worth every penny spent. Would recommend anyone to give them a shot, the change that it made for myself and my family was immense.
— Jeremy C., customer since 2017, Saskatoon

I replaced my previous accounting firm (who had 5 years of my taxes in a mess) with FBC. FBC has turned it around with great advice, and great honest accounting. There are never questions unanswered with FBC. Great team, great results.
— Ken S., customer since 2016, Regina

I am 90 years young and hard of hearing, I appreciate the patience you have with me and how pleasant you were as well. I felt my income tax was in good hands and that you were also very thorough.
— Alice M, customer since 1982, Winnipeg

What FBC Members love about our year-round Membership model

FBC is like a tax security system, they are my first line of defense when Canada Revenue [Agency] comes calling. When I have any questions their number is right next to 911 and they have the answer usually the same day, if not when I hang up the phone. —Malcolm C. November 2018, London

FBC offers so much more than tax specialists (just to name a few things – financial tax planning, wills, bookkeeping, etc.) For those out there that have busy schedules and don’t have the time to run all that paperwork, FBC is the choice they come right to you! I am super glad I made the switch to FBC.
— Valerie R., customer since 2018, Saskatoon

The agents you send to our business/home annually are always up-to-date on the latest taxation information and we have confidence in their ability. Always personable and friendly and efficient. Throughout the year we also find FBC is able to assist with our questions. All in all, we’re extremely pleased with your service.
— Karl E., customer since 2000, Kelowna

Love everything about it. I like that you come to my house, I like that you give me suggestions for deductions and most of all, I like that I don’t have to worry about audits because you guys take care of it all. It makes tax time so much easier.
— Cynthia P., customer since 2018, Calgary

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