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FBC Reviews from farm & small business owners

If you want to read more about why our Members love our year-round, personalized, all-in-one solution for their farm or small business, here are some of our favourite recent reviews.

FBC On-Site Tax Appointment

We’ll come to your home or place of business to understand the details of your operation and complete data collection, so we don’t miss any opportunities for potential tax savings.

“We love that you come to us. Having different sources of income means we may not have everything you need handy if we had dropped it off at an office. This way, with you coming to us, we can always grab more information. Also, we love that you educate your clients as you work with them. We have recommended you in the past and will continue to do so.” — Errin M., FBC Member since 2014

“We like the personal connection with FBC, the fact we work at our kitchen table has made us comfortable and allowed us to ask more questions. With all the different challenges we face we always seek guidance from FBC!” — Erin H., FBC Member since 2009

“It has been a great experience for my family. As life continues to become more hectic, it is a valuable service to have FBC come to you. Service provided in the comfort of your own home during non-business hours is essential for us to be successful. The ease of offering many communication techniques allows us to ask “in the moment” questions throughout our busy day.” — Devon H., FBC Member since 2018

FBC Early Tax Call

The FBC Early Tax Call (ETC) is a pre year-end strategy session where we review your books and develop an action plan to optimize your tax return.

“Having FBC do my ETC helps me make important financial decisions before my year end as to minimize any possible tax issues that may arise. FBC works with me so that the final outcome is the best possible solution for me and my family.” — Kurt E., FBC Member since 2007

“My FBC representative is always contacting me well in advance of crunch time to do an Early Tax Call and always gets in touch with me in February to arrange my appointment to get my taxes done. He never rushes through my appointment and always takes time to ask if there is anything else I need or any more questions.” — Doug J., FBC Member since 2003

FBC Audit Representation

In the event of an audit, we will liaise on your behalf with the Canada Revenue Agency.

“FBC supported me when I was audited with 2 representatives showing up at my home to address any concerns the auditor had questions about. They are very friendly and approachable for any type of business concern. Takes off the pressure from tax concerns.” — Daniel S., FBC Member since 2019

“Saved us money and took care of a GST audit. Very quick and understanding when correcting an error in the tax return this spring. And saved us money – a lot of money.” — Kenneth W., FBC Member since 2007

FBC Bookkeeping Services

FBC Members have access to our on-site Bookkeeping Services and Payroll.

“We find the bookkeeping easier since we are dealing with FBC. And all the data collecting is done at our place with the consultant from FBC.” — Karl H., FBC Member since 2009

“Bookkeeping for me is a huge plus. You travel out to the house to do the work and complete it in a timely fashion. Not having to take the books to an office and making several trips back and forth is crucial, especially with the price of fuel.” — Brent T., FBC Member since 2007

FBC is a third-generation family company that works with Canadian small business owners to minimize their income taxes and maximize their assets. Contact us today to find out how we help your business year-round with tax planning, preparation and consulting through our unique, industry leading Membership model.