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Last updated: Nov. 6, 2019 

We love hearing from farmers and small business owners on what they like about being a FBC Member.

Here are some of our favourite recent FBC reviews.

FBC On-Site Tax Appointment

Our Members tell us they appreciate the convenience of an on-site tax appointment at their home or business.

Always available to answer questions. Meet at location of our choosing. Most of all we do not have to deal with CRA!
— Carmen M., customer since 2011, London

Came right to my house to discuss with me and the team, took legitimate interest in our plans and situations and helped us with great information to consider with planning and growing our business.
— Matthew M., customer since 2019, Dartmouth

Your flexibility in coming out to see me, quick response to any questions or concerns. I pay less to the government than I ever have with any other accountant.
— Jennifer K., customer since 2014, Edmonton

What FBC Members love about our Bookkeeping Services

Our Members like that FBC handles the tax preparation and bookkeeping, so they can focus on growing their business.

We find the bookkeeping easier since we are dealing with FBC. And all the data collecting is done at our place with the consultant from FBC.
— Karl H., customer since 2009, London

Keeping me from the added stress of bookkeeping and accounting so I can focus on what I do best (carpentry). It has been more than a necessity – it has been a blessing in terms of business growth and fine tuning. Adam is always available for a quick phone call for my questions and always has a satisfactory answer! Thanks Adam, and all of you at FBC!!
— Michael C., customer since 2013, Barrie

We are very happy with bookkeeping and accounting being done by the same company. There’s no chasing paperwork. The simplicity is wonderful. Pleasant people – if they can’t answer our questions they find someone who can. FBC picked up on everything our other accountant had missed which led to bonuses for us! We’re just very happy overall! Thanks FBC!

— Daryl W., customer since 2017, Kelowna

What FBC Members love about our customer service

Our Members love that we’ll answer any questions they have, without charging them for phone calls, thanks to our unique Membership model.

Always fast, friendly service and are always willing to give us tips or remind us of how we can make our business work better for us.
— Anthony A., customer since 2016, Dartmouth

Each year we always used to dread the long process of filing our taxes. Since we joined FBC it has become easier at tax time and we like that. The forms returned to us are professional and presented in a way we can understand.
— James H., customer since 2015, Dartmouth

Love the service, knowledge and ease that FBC prepares my personal and business taxes. Been with FBC over 10 years now.
— Dallas T., customer since 2007, Edmonton

FBC is a third-generation family company that works with Canadian farmers and small business owners to minimize their income taxes and maximize their assets. Contact us today to find out how we help your business year-round with tax planning, preparation and consulting through our unique, industry leading Membership model.