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Our favourite small business podcasts from July 2019

In July, we listened and learned how blogging is far from dead, why it’s critical to devote time to recovery as a small business owner, the importance of women investing in early-stage companies, what the Beyond Meat burger could mean for Canadian pulse growers, and how to navigate an ownership transition. Here is a list of our favourite podcasts from the month that offer inspiration, advice and interesting information for small businesses.

Why your business needs a blog

In this episode of Goal Digger, Jenna Kutcher says blogging isn’t dead, and continues to be a valuable tool for growing her business. While the content ideas in this episode focus more on personal blogging, she goes over blogging tools, plug-ins and best practices that any budding blogger can learn from.

Prioritizing time off

Business and lifestyle coach Kelly Higdon takes a full three months off from her businesses. Find out how she got there after overworking herself to the point of hospitalization. This episode from What Works with Tara McMullin is a good reminder that recovery is important for entrepreneurs and small business owners, and that we should treat recovery as a critical part of performance, just like athletes do.

How to structure and execute an ownership transition

This episode from Construction Genius is a great listen for anyone entering a partnership or an ownership transition. Doug Reitz and his partner are purchasing a construction company from the founder. Reitz notes the importance of having honest conversations with your potential partner, which includes defining your “why” to find out if you and your partner’s goals and motivations are the same for running a company. They also discussed a worst case scenario and who would be responsible for what in case it comes true.

Unlocking new capital for women entrepreneurs

If you’re female, have you thought about becoming an early-stage investor? Jill Earthy, head of Female Funders, describes why we should diversify the tech and finance industries by empowering women to become angel investors. Earthy goes over how diversity drives innovation, and how difficult it is to become a female funder if you don’t see yourself represented in the room. This episode is part of Startup Canada’s Thrive series.

How the rise of Beyond Meat could revitalize the prairies

An interesting discussion that explains how the “meat” of the Beyond Meat burger starts with a yellow split pea grown on the prairies, which could mean big business for Canadian pulse growers. If you’ve ever wondered what the vegetable patty is made of, or are intrigued by “vegetable blood”, take a listen to this episode from The Big Story.

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