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Our top picks for August 2019

In August, we learned about the best way to engage your email list, how to connect with consumers, why you should spend time upgrading old blog content, and the importance of slowing down. Here’s a list of our top picks from around the web that offer inspiration, advice and interesting information for small businesses.

A new strategy for emails that engage

Jenna Kutcher from the Goal Digger podcast tells us why every email marketing strategy should focus on fostering a relationship with its audience. She describes why your goal should be to serve, inform and entertain over just selling your products. This episode is full of tips on how to nurture your email list and write effective marketing copy.

Telling stories to connect with consumers

In Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman, we learn about 23andMe’s co-founder Anne Wojcicki – her early life, her path to success and the challenges she faced while marketing her genomics company to consumers. A pivotal point in the company’s success came when they began to focus on ancestry and stories of family and identify – finally connecting with consumers who didn’t quite understand the value of home genetic testing.

When should you upgrade content?

We listened to several episodes of Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s Marketing School podcast. We like that each episode offers short, actionable advice and can be implemented right away. We particularly enjoyed listening to the episode that focuses on upgrading content, where the two marketers discuss why it’s so important for website traffic to dedicate time to upgrading your old content.

In praise of slowness

A thoughtful meditation from Farnam Street on the importance of slowing down so we have time to think: “Understanding comes from focusing, chewing, and relentlessly ragging on a problem. It comes with false starts, dead ends, and frustration. Thinking requires time and space. It’s slow. It means saying I don’t know.”

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