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Managed payroll support that saves you time and money

Paying your people the right way, at the right time is critical. It's also a chore. We help farm and small business owners manage payroll so they can focus on bigger things, like their own success.


How we take care of you and your business

You can't afford to waste time guessing at payroll deductions or learning payroll software. Our payroll experts will manage your payroll and reduce your business risk by making sure you stay compliant.  And the process? It's as easy as FBC.

Process My Payroll

1. Connect

Your Payroll Specialist reaches out to learn about your business and how to best meet your needs.

Process My Payroll

2. Set-up

We set your employees up and ensure all deductions are calculated and remitted properly. You only track employee working hours.

Process My Payroll

3. Support

From onboarding and exiting employees, to creating T4s – our payroll support is year-round and unlimited.

Process My Payroll

Ready to make payroll painless and affordable?

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Solve payroll problems before they start

Are you still burning valuable hours trying to remit the right payroll deductions to the right place?
We offer accurate and affordable managed payroll support: from onboarding new employees
to preparing T4s and ROEs. Let us handle payroll so you can focus on
making your small business a success.

What's included with
FBC Payroll Service?

When you sign up for FBC Payroll, you will be assigned a dedicated Payroll Specialist. They will provide end-to-end payroll support so you’ll never stress about compliance again.

  • Process My Payroll


  • Dedicated payroll specialist who knows your industry

  • Personalized support for all filings

  • Accurate calculations and remittance

  • Year-end T4's and Records of Employment (ROE's)

  • Electronic CRA filing + record keeping

  • Direct deposit payments to your employees

  • 24-7 access to your online portal

  • Simple timesheet for your employees to track time

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

FBC Members Say:

"FINALLY, someone is
working for me."

- Ron T. (Ontario) FBC Member Since 2013

Payroll Support That Gives You Peace Of Mind

Simple, straight-forward pricing for payroll

When you choose FBC Payroll, your support will be personalized, unlimited and ongoing. Start now by creating your personal bookkeeping estimate.

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The 3 Most Costly Payroll Errors and How to Avoid Them

You may view payroll as just another thankless task, but did you know that incorrect payroll deductions can risk the financial health of your business?

Learn how a managed payroll solution with direct deposit can:

  1. Save you from a huge tax bill
  2. Protect you in case of audit
  3. ... download the free guide today!