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FBC Member Spotlight: Tail Waggin’ Dog Ranch

Last updated: Oct. 24, 2019 

For almost a decade, FBC Members Tim and Wendy Wallace have helped dog owners by caring for their pets at their cage-free facility in Muncey, Ont.

It all started in 2009 when they saw a news story about All Breed Canine Rescue, which runs out of London, Ont. and the surrounding area. 

All Breed Canine Rescue was looking for people to foster dogs in their homes.

Tim and Wendy quickly signed up for a house inspection with All Breed.

Once they got the green light, they took care of their first foster dog and have fostered ever since.

Tim became a certified dog trainer and both Tim and Wendy became pet first-aid certified.

Recognizing their love of animals and careful care of their foster dogs, a friend asked them to watch her dog while she was at a hockey tournament.

That was when Tail Waggin’ Dog Ranch began.

Word of the service quickly spread through the hockey team.

Soon Tim and Wendy were charging a boarding fee and more and more people referred them to their friends.

At Tail Waggin’ Dog Ranch, you can board your dog for the day or an extended stay on their 14-acre property, where there are plenty of trails and ravines for the dogs to run and play.

“Our business has grown by word of mouth and our Facebook business page,” Tim says. “We just expanded our building and are expanding our play areas.”

A typical day for Tim and Wendy starts early in the morning.

They feed the dogs at 6:30 am, and once they open at 7 am, new dogs are checked in, introduced and taken for a walk.

When the dogs aren’t running around the property, they’re socializing in the yard.

The dogs eat again at 5 pm and start going home around that time, while Tail Waggin’ Dog Ranch winds down for the night at 6 pm.

Looking to the future, they hope to add a park area for non-social dogs that can’t go to dog parks.

Their advice to other small business owners is to start with a nest egg for your small business, do your research by talking to other business owners in your field, and never give up!

“When things get tough, dig deep you will get through it,” Tim says.

As for their small business win, for Tim it’s finding great people to join their team, along with “sticking through the tough times when we are slow and financially strapped.”

Tail Waggin’ Dog Ranch chose FBC to help them with their bookkeeping and accounting needs.

“When it comes to running a business, you must know what you are good at and what you are not good at,” Wendy says. “Doing the books is very time consuming and we were getting busier and needed help. Friends of ours recommended FBC. They have freed up more time for other things and taken some stress off us. FBC has saved us a ton of tax money!”

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