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Providing Accounting and Tax Services to Canadians

Making Life Less Taxing for 60 Years and Counting

FBC 60 yearIt all started 60 years ago.

It was the early 1950s and for the first time in Canadian history farmers were subject to income tax.

Luckily for farmers a man named Sam Ibbotson had created a solution for farmers in need of tax advice and tax preparation.

In 1952, Sam, a former CRA employee (then called Department of National Revenue), opened the first FBC office in London, Ontario.

Farm Business Consultants (FBC) was created to work with farmers year round, ensuring they met their tax obligations and saved as much in taxes as possible.

While Sam Ibbotson started FBC specifically to help farmers, he soon realized that many small businesses could benefit from year-round tax planning.

We now help over 50,000 farmers and small business owners providing accounting and tax services.

Canada is a country of constant change. In the last 60 years our economy, our environment, our social standing, and countless other aspects of our society, have evolved and adapted.

As a result of these constant changes FBC has also adapted to better serve the needs of our Members.

FBC operates on three core principles:

  1. Superior use of technology
  2. Commitment to our members and their communities
  3. Dedication to keeping current with ever changing tax laws

Technology Leadership

Changes in technology over the past 60 years are not hard to find. In fact they are hard to miss.

In the 1960s FBC’s proprietary tax software made us stand out as an innovative leader in the tax world.

While proprietary software is as common in the tax and accounting industry as calculators, FBC’s superior tax software, TaxGuard™, still makes us stand out among our competitors.

Commitment to our Members

With social practices and values changing across the country FBC knows some traditions should not be lost.

Just as we did in the 1950s, we continue to travel to the homes and businesses of our Members, providing convenient year-round service.

FBC knows a strong and constant relationship is the key to discovering tax information that may otherwise be overlooked.

If as a Member you are ever audited by the CRA, we’ll represent you at no extra cost. This is part of our Member Service Guarantee, which includes audit protection.

Tax Knowledge

The third principal is a little harder to see with the untrained eye.

Of course, we all notice when taxes go up or down, but it takes a dedicated team of tax experts to stay current and up-to-date with all of the tax deductions, programs and constantly changing laws.

FBC prides itself on knowing what changes are coming and how best to prepare our Members.

Read more about the history of FBC.

FBC has been making life less taxing for farmers and small business owners for over 60 years and we look forward to another 60.

By Jason Clements