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Ontario Trillium Benefit

Ontario Trillium BenefitThe Ontario Trillium Benefit started in 2012 with the first payment being sent in July.

The Ontario Trillium Benefit combines the following credits into one monthly payment:

1. Ontario Sales Tax Credit
2. Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit
3. Northern Ontario Energy Credit

If you are eligible for any of these credits, you receive one combined payment every month. This change will provide you with one regular, monthly payment to better match your expenses.

If your combined annual payment is less than $240, then you will receive the total in one payment.

A cheque will be mailed to you, or deposited directly into your account if you’re signed up for direct deposit.

Next year, the government will look at providing options to recipients based on feedback that some recipients would prefer one payment after the year has ended rather than on a monthly basis.

Check out the Online Tax Credit Calculator to see how much you’ll receive.