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Tips on Tax Audit Protection for Small Businesses

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Last updated: Mar. 29, 2017 
Tax Season: How to Prevent an Audit by the CRA If there’s any one time you don’t want to draw attention to your small business or agribusiness it’s during tax season. In addition to ensuring your paperwork is in order and your taxes are prepared correctly, a growing number of business … Read more

Taxpayers vs. CRA: Audit Battle in Canada [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last updated: Jul. 11, 2013 
CRA is mailing Notice of Assessments to taxpayers and small businesses and there are many that have attracted the attention of CRA to be selected for audit. In fact, in the future, there will be more audits and more focus on compliance and collecting tax debt. The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) … Read more

7 Tips for Surviving a CRA Audit

Last updated: Jun. 5, 2013 
More and more businesses are facing a CRA audit these days. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has especially ramped up audits of small- to medium-sized enterprises. Knowing how CRA selects taxpayers for audit, as well as what to expect during an audit, could make you better prepared if you’re singled out. Audits are … Read more