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tax support - farms and small business

It's personal because it's
your business

Filing a business return is hard enough. But creating a tax strategy that flips the rules in your favour? That takes an expert. We help 20,000 farms and small businesses file accurate returns that save time and money.

Over 65 years of helping farm and small business owners succeed

There are so many ways to file with the CRA.
Let's find the best path for you.

Canada's tax code is tricky because it's constantly shifting. Our experts run the numbers until they tailor a return that maximizes your credits and minimizes your tax.

Help Find Me Tax Savings

Get caught up

The more you fall behind, the more the paperwork and stress piles up. We won't judge - we'll just get you back on track and keep you that way.

Help Find Me Tax Savings

Save time

Don’t lose hours looking for the right tax form. We give timely and accurate answers to all your tax questions.

Help Find Me Tax Savings

Take charge

No one should be shocked by their assessment. Our tax plans take away the surprise so you can focus on your business.

Help Find Me Tax Savings

Ready to take back control of your time and money?

Tax Support That Has Your Back

Paying less means planning more

No one wants to receive that little, brown envelope that says, "Please, contact the CRA." And if you have, you never want to feel that vulnerable again. We will create a tax strategy that will save you money and make sure you're audit ready.

What's included in tax support?

All across Canada, we’re happy to offer two levels of tax support that set you up for success. Connect with us to choose a plan that will save you the most time and money.

  • Help Find Me Tax Savings

    Tax Service: Help Find Me Tax Savings

  • Annual tax planning consultation

  • Multi-scenario optimized tax return with proprietary software

  • Social Benefit Entitlement (OAS, GIS, etc.) review

  • Annual GST/HST return reviewed and considered

  • Business management reports

  • Enhanced financial statements for corporations

  • Exclusive access to FBC mobile app and Member

  • Business owner T4 and T5 preparation

  • Unlimited phone/email support

  • Worry-free service guarantee

  • Unlimited tax planning consultation

  • Digital record keeping and bookkeeping tools

  • Estate and succession planning

  • CRA audit representation

It's Not About Us, It's About You

Talking taxes doesn’t have to be painful when you have sound advice

When you choose FBC Tax support, you’re tapping into a national network of tax and accounting experts with over 65 years of farm and business experience.
We would love to learn more about you and show you how we can save you money.

FBC Members Say

"FINALLY, someone is
working for me."

- Ron T. (Ontario) FBC Member Since 2013