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Because there is only so much you to go around…

And you can’t afford to waste time struggling with paperwork. We help small business owners balance their books, pay their staff, and save money at tax time.

invest in someone great

Be a good boss to yourself

Accounting isn’t complex, but the tax code is. We have over 65 years of small business tax and accounting experience. Put us to work for you, so you can focus on success.

Organize my books

Know exactly where your money goes. With our help.

Process my payroll

Your people paid the right way,
at the right time.

Find me tax savings

We will never let you
overpay the CRA again.

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Small Business Tax Strategies

Tax season is here and there's no time to lose.

With this updated guide, you'll learn what key tax information and documents you need to meet Canada's fast-approaching tax filing deadline.

tax strategies for small business owners

FBC Members Say

"FBC handles all of the tax returns, and provides ongoing support and advice for my small business. Their expert guidance has been essential to the growth and success of my business."

- Mary E. (B.C.) FBC Member Since 2019

We will always be there to support your success by giving you the right information - just like we do for Mary.


FBC Bookkeeping

When it comes to your money, knowledge is power

Whether it's the junk drawer in your home office or a shoebox of receipts, we will get you organized so you can understand your numbers.

  • Software that lets you scan and upload receipts right at your time of purchase
  • Access your financials minute-by-minute or month-over-month
  • Make sure you are protected from the CRA

FBC Payroll

Lasting relief for your payroll headaches

Your staff work hard for you. Make sure they get their due.

  • Accurate payment on time, every time
  • Deductions are paid and remitted to the right place
  • T4s and ROEs prepared for you

FBC Tax Membership

We help ease your mind, and your tax burden

With FBC tax filings, you'll will be confident that your returns are accurate, timely and save you money.

  • Tax strategy that knows how to minimize taxes and maximize credits
  • Never talk directly to the CRA again
  • It's so easy to fall behind. We've seen it all and can get you caught up.

we know small business

You work hard for your money.
We help you keep it.

Whether you want to pay fewer taxes, stress less about the CRA or get your books in order, our friendly tax and accounting experts will handle all of that for you. Any time.

FBC Members Say

“I’ve been in business for 9 years, and this is the first time I’ve been confident in my return.”

- Dave B. (Ontario) FBC Member Since 2014