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“The team at FBC and our rep have provided us with safety and security, knowing that our business is in the hands of someone with agricultural business knowledge. This partnership allowed our family business to progress and move forward, and for it to sustain and succeed.

The guidance we’ve received along the way is invaluable.”

(FBC Member Since 2010)

Yes. That's a real quote from a real FBC Member. Whether you want to pay fewer taxes, stress less
about the CRA, or get your books in order, our friendly tax and accounting
experts will handle all of that for you. Any time.

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"FBC is very professional, the representative is always on time for appointments, dealing with the FBC representative is always a pleasure and they take the time to explain everything fully and answer every question I may have."

– Ronald R., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 2006)

"An immediately responsive team at FBC Smiths Falls. The collection of and discussion about the income and expense information at the client’s location is an enormous added value. An excellent service for small businesses and producing farms. Thank you FBC."

– B.M., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 1990)

"I enjoy the personal service. Having an advisor come to our house and sit at the table with us takes all of the stress off of us. I so appreciate this service."

– Ann S., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 2018)

"Adam is great, he is very knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond to ensure we have our questions answered. He explains things and makes tax season so much easier."

– James B., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 2015)

"Last time I stopped in, the employees took the time necessary to answer all my questions. [ . . . ] when someone takes the time to answer my questions and doesn't make me feel like I'm wasting their time, they deserve my business."

– S.P., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 2019)

"Anytime I call or email I get great help and it is painless. Also I like my account manager and love that you guys come right to me. Especially helpful when you have a newborn!"

– Kevin F., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 2019)

"For years I used the off-the-shelf income tax packages but never felt that I was getting the best solutions. After changing to the FBC advisor, I will never go back. FBC provided an outstanding review and optimized the best course of action on both taxes and estate planning. Outstanding!"

– Don M., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 2021)

"My return was done for me by email and the FBC app while I'm out of the country... very nice option."

– Claude C., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 2016)

"Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful! I know I am in safe hands with the great team at FBC."

– Jacqueline B., Owner

Real Estate

(FBC Member Since 2017)

"John is the representative that we deal with at FBC and I cannot say enough about John. He is professional, experienced, he is talented at his job and friendly. John comes right to out home, it's unusually a 5 hour appt, I try my best to be prepared for him. I appreciate that he listens to my needs as well as my husbands needs for himself, the farm and our company needs. John at FBC does his best to help us with all his talent and skills. If he doesn't have an answer for a question, he'll check in to it for us or he refers us to someone who does know. When I've called into the office, the staff has been great to talk to and my messages are given promptly. Thanks Ladies! In the past, I have had accounting firms that did not listen to all our needs, I did not appreciate being talked down as the wife/bookkeeper to, by other firms. Due to that fact, I was nervous switching again to another firm. FBC was/ IS a very good choice. They have not let me down. Thank you for being patient, respectful and professional. Thank you John, Thank you FBC."

– Judy H., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 2018)

"Peter is one of the most knowledgeable and personable people I know. He did all our taxes over the years without error or problems. Someone you can this day and age very rare!"

– Chris P., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2002)

"David was so informative, helpful and made me feel like he knew how to take care of everything that is outside of my scope of tax awareness. The mental space it creates not having to stress about filing business tax again is worth every penny of the investment. I am way more confident in filing taxes as an entrepreneur this year and no longer worried about leaving money on the table!"

– K.O., Owner

Small Business

(FBC Member Since 2022)

"We really enjoy our accountant coming directly to our house to do his work. He’s pleasant and quick. Always wanting to do the best for us. The job is done right and accurate. Always done on time or before. The price is right as well. Really can’t say enough about how pleased we are with FBC."

– Donald M., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2019)

"I LOVE FBC! Best decision I ever made on behalf of my company. I was a small home-based cleaning company and grew to a million dollar cleaning company in a very short period of time. I wanted to have the best company to make my life easier. John is AMAZING! FBC is top notch, so much so, that they now do my payroll. I can't recommend their services loud enough to anyone in business, make the move to FBC... you won't regret it!"

– Raquel H., Owner

Cleaning Services

(FBC Member Since 2022)

"Our tax accountant knows our business and our family inside and out from years of continued business between us and FBC. Along with tax preparation, advice on asset acquirement and dispersal has been very helpful. We have been with the same rep for around 15 years and hopefully its 15 more."

– S.S., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2003)

"It was great to have a very knowledgeable representative that could advise us on tax ramifications and CRA requirements for the business expansion we would like to get moving on."

– Robert E., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2005)

"I’ve been using FBC out of Edmonton for seven years. They have gotten me better returns both personally and in my business than anyone else. They are quick to respond with sound advice and keep CRA honest. Their staff is so fun and friendly I actually look forward to my appointments to go over my taxes."

– Benjamin B., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2014)

"Corinne, our FBC consultant, really looks out for our interests, recommends improvements, gets expert advice for our questions and keeps current to changes in laws. She's recommended many changes that have led to tax savings. Thanks. "

– Yvan C., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2019)

"I like the no rush attitude and the onsite preparation of our taxes. This creates a relaxing atmosphere and allows us to stay focused on the tax year. I also appreciate that FBC has our back when the CRA has inquired about and challenged the returns filed."

– Kenneth S., Owner


(FBC Member Since 1995)

"Having FBC in our lives has made a huge difference - everyone is so friendly and professional. Right from the first day 11 years ago. We really appreciate all that FBC has done for us from preparing for retirement, to estate planning and of course our taxes not only with the farm, the trucking business we have as well. Love the fact that FBC comes to us - so great to see our representative and this adds such a personal touch that I think no other company can compare to this amazing service. Whenever I have questions or need to book an appointment it is never an issue. Everyone is amazing!! Thank you so very much!"

– Keith and Gail H., Owners

Hallet Farms

(FBC Member Since 2010)

"I appreciate being able to get my tax questions answered quickly and professionally. The amount of stress taken off me has allowed me to work on my business rather than in my business. Thank you for your commitment to excellence."

– Stephen C., Owner

Retina Recovery

(FBC Member Since 2016)

"It’s nice to have you come to me after normal operating hours that works around my work schedule, and how painless and easy you make it. Thanks."

– Michael A, Owner/Operator


(FBC Member Since 2014)

"Thanks so much for helping me for the past couple of years with payroll, ROE, and covering my errors. I really appreciate all your efforts for going above and beyond to get my employees paid with correct information. The peace of mind I have knowing these services are timely and accurate, is priceless."

– Caroline Q, Owner/Operator

Integra Tire Centre, AB

(FBC Member Since 2011)

"I’d like you to know that you saved me thousands of dollars compared to my previous accountant. It’s nice that Jay comes out and is patient enough to wait for me to “find“ all my documents so he can enter everything. So far it’s been a good experience. Thanks."

– A.N., Owner/Operator


(FBC Member Since 2019)

"Our accountant, Kathryn was very personable and thorough during our initial meeting. She has asked and answered several questions our other accountants have not. Although it has only been a couple of months, we are excited to continue working with her and FBC."

– Chadwick V., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2021)

"I like the fact that we can do tax accounting virtually; it makes my day easier. The FBC team are wonderful."

– B.A., Owner

Tree Nursery

(FBC Member Since 2011)

"In the past we have had a lot of help in learning how to set up our books in order to run our farm business successfully. There is always someone willing to answer questions and provide assistance when needed. Over the past years we have become more business savvy with the help of FBC."

– D.M., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2011)

"I have been with FBC for a few years now, and I really like your services. I refer FBC to anyone who asks me who I use for all my bookkeeping and tax purposes. You keep everything in order and deal with any situation that comes my way from Revenue Canada to WSIB."

– Sylvain L., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2015)

"FBC accounting services is working very well for me, my family and my business and I am very pleased with the excellent service I have received from FBC for many years now!! I would highly recommend FBC to anyone who has a business, I am often working out of town in remote workplaces and when I have questions about my taxes I always get answers promptly. FBC has me covered and we have a helpful consultant “making life less taxing“ finding FBC years ago (through a colleague) was the best thing I have done for my business success"

– Renee B., Owner

Oilfield Services

(FBC Member Since 2004)

"My favourite part is having that bookkeeper come once or twice a month and go through all the numbers and go through everything to make sure that we are on top of things, and that we’re not missing documents. And it works every time – every, single, time. We don’t miss documents. We don’t miss anything. We have the right numbers. We know where we’re at, we know what we have to strive for in terms of profit, and we know what the real need is in the company."

– Janis P., Owner/Operator

Commuter Imports

(FBC Member Since 2015)

"You've been with my family since I can remember in grade school and now as I start my own business years later, it's so reassuring to know that the same people who helped Mom and Dad are helping me. Peter and Blake are calming, helpful, and most importantly, make me feel totally confident (both in what they do and in their ability to help me financially) with my own start up."

– Steph R., Owner

Silver Creek Nursery

(FBC Member Since 2018)

"We enjoy being with FBC becuse they're easy to work with and if I have any accounting or farming questions, I can call them and they can answer my questions right away, or get someone to call me back. It's really easy working with FBC which is a relief when you're busy in the fields, busy at farmer's markets, and busy just being a farmer and a mother and everything that comes with being a farm family. And FBC makes that very easy. It's stress-free for us in our farming business."

– Leslie Z., Farm Owner

(FBC Member Since 2012)

“FBC’s job is to be the go-between between the government and you. That to me is astronomical because paperwork really is not my forte and reading between the lines is really not my forte. I don't mind getting dirt under my fingernails, but putting the pen to the paper and having to read some documents is not my forte.”

– Paul I., Owner

Boars Rock Farm

(FBC Member Since 2009)

"FBC handles all of the tax returns and provides ongoing support and advice for my small business. Their expert guidance has been essential to the growth and success of my business."

– Mary E., Owner


(FBC Member Since 2019)

"It takes a lot to impress me. I'm beyond words to describe the thoroughness and teamwork that I've witnessed. I feel so in tune with our minutes and what's going on with our company like never before. All the education with new ideas to help us along our way has been exciting. Not only are there new ideas but a plan in place that we were part of. It's nice to feel so cared for that at any time you can receive a response for unanswered questions. Love, love, LOVE our decision in changing companies after 35 years!"

– Audra S., Owner/Operator

(FBC Member Since 2019)

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to review FBC. They were my fourth accountants since I got into business about ten years ago. Had trouble with other outfits, apparently too busy to take my calls and answer my questions about planning my future. I consider FBC to be a "partner" in my business, and can't say enough about how great they have been over the past years. They always have time for me, and give me excellent advice and information. They meet with me when it is convenient for me, usually evenings, as I work during the day. They have been fantastic, and I encourage other small business owners to use their services.

I personally use Clem Forest Leblanc at their Dartmouth location. He is a fantastic guy who really cares about my business, and helps me with lots of great advice. I would encourage you to join the 'club' today and see the difference that FBC brings to the table. One of the best decisions I have made since starting my business!"

– Jamie M., Owner/Operator

Home Style Electric

(FBC Member Since 2015)

"I’m very confident with their accounting firm. My income tax return is done properly. I’ve had no issues with them. I feel my return is coming back the way it should be and I highly recommend that if you’re thinking of switching firms, that these guys are the way to go to – just can’t say enough about them. I’m very happy that finally, someone is working for me."

– Ron T., Owner/Operator

(FBC Member Since 2013)

"Came right to my house to discuss with me and the team. Took legitimate interest in our plans and situations and helped us with great information to consider with planning and growing our business."

– Matthew M., Owner/Operator

(FBC Member Since 2019)

"My initial conference with the accountant that was handling my case was very informative and resulted in my complete confidence in him. This fall has been exceptionally busy for me getting a new venture off the ground and I was remiss in not getting him the info he needed. Instead of letting it ride, FBC followed up with me which I truly appreciated."

– Joe A., Owner/Operator

(FBC Member Since 2020)

"I love that over the 15 years I have used FBC, I have had three consultants, two of which I still have a relationship with, within your company. If I ever have questions, or concerns, my answers come quickly, and when I drop the ball, your team picks it up and makes sure it's looked after. Best costumer service I have ever had with accounting."

– Camilla D., Owner/Operator

(FBC Member Since 2007)

"Sheldon has gone out of his way to show me exactly how many benefits FBC has, that apply to us. Had he not put out the effort that he did, I would have missed the corrections that my previous accounting firm missed. Also, even with my first meeting, I've found dealing with Rob to be very easy. I get the answers I've been looking for in language that I can understand."

– Scott A., Owner/Operator

(FBC Member Since 2020)

"Jody went out of her way to make sure that I have every aspect understood on how to submit my taxes for the previous year, and also that I made sure of what I could claim for the upcoming year. I feel 110% confident that I am filing my taxes with the right company and that I am in good hands if anything comes up."

– Johann L., Owner/Operator

(FBC Member Since 2019)

"Have used FBC for my tax preparation for my whole farming career."

– James C., Farm Owner

(FBC Member Since 1979)

"The service is great for the ranching/agriculture sector. The program FBC has developed regarding inventory tracking, etc., makes it easier to plan marketing strategies."

– Lyle A., Owner

Family Farm

(FBC Member Since 1996)

"FBC has always been there when I needed them, and this was proven by the great job they did with the 2018 GST audit they worked with me on over the last year. Thanks."

– Larry B., Farmer/Owner

(FBC Member Since 2004)

“Get FBC to help with your payroll. Don't do it yourself. You can probably make it work yourself but just one wrong number and it's just catastrophic.”

– Lori and Bobby H., Owners

Canada's Grocery Store and More

(FBC Member Since 2008)

"FBC helped file my farm risk management application - we received a payment of $221,000. We're reassured by the fact that FBC will help our family through anything that comes."

– Garry and Diana C., Owners

Meadow Stock Farm Ltd.

(FBC Member Since 2012)

"My wife and I have been with FBC for over 20 years. The reps that have collected our info have always been polite, have answered our questions and have been very helpful. The audit representation gives peace of mind. The other services they offer such as selling property, retirement, etc., from a tax perspective is also beneficial when needed."

– Stan E., Owner

Ridgeview Farms Llamas

(FBC Member Since 1994)

"I've been in business for years and this is the first time I've felt confident in my return knowing it's right, it's guaranteed and everyone I've spoken to has been 100% professional and perfect to deal with.

If you're thinking of switching accounting firms, FBC is how I would go."

– Dave B, Owner

All Out Performance

(FBC Member Since 2017)

FBC Members Say

“I'm beyond words to describe the thoroughness and teamwork that I've witnessed. I feel so in tune with what's going on with our company like never before. Not only are there new ideas, but a plan in place that we are part of.

Love, love, LOVE our decision to change companies after 35 years!”

- Audra S. (Alberta) FBC Member Since 2019

We are a one-stop-shop of integrated business support that will keep you rolling toward success. And just like in Audra's case – it’s never too late to see if we’re the right fit for you.