Bookkeeping and Payroll

Bookkeeping and Payroll

We'll Handle the Paperwork of Your Business So You Have Time to do The Things You Love

The average small business owner spends 5-10 Hours a week on their own books. Focus! Unlock your small business potential.

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Hassle-Free Online Bookkeeping and Payroll

Do what you do best — focus on your clients. Not learning about the latest whiz-bang software feature. Not how to apply the latest tax & reporting laws. Not how to set up your accounts, ledger & processes to reduce the risk of CRA audit. Accounting software can be complex and frustrating for a lot of people.

Time For A Good Nights Sleep

FBC Bookkeeping and Payroll Services provides you with direct access to a professional that can handle all your bookkeeping and payroll needs. Sleep easy without the worry of knowing you might have done something wrong.


Kashoo Accounting Software


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Are You An FBC Member?

All FBC Members are entitled to free Kashoo Accounting Software to do their own books. If you'd like a professional bookkeeper to take care of it, we have special pricing you can add to your membership.

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Right and On Time

Not Meeting Deadlines?

Tired of cutting corners and still not meeting financial deadlines and obligations?

With a personalized Professional Bookkeeper dedicated to your books, the accuracy and timeliness of your business is going to skyrocket!

Get Caught Up ...

Getting behind with your bookkeeping is so common. Unfortunately, once your bookkeeping goes off the rails, you can fail quickly, as mistakes and missed deadlines compound the problem.

It’s time to get caught up. No matter how far behind you are, it can be done! We live and breath bookkeeping.

What you see as a big wall of paper and problems—we envision organization, accuracy, timely data entry, and meeting deadlines.

And, Stay Caught Up!

The consequences of abusing deadlines are clear, and yet so many owners ignore them — to their own peril). With a bookkeeper, you no longer have to worry about whether you’re doing everything right, or if you'll receive a big fine for a late tax payment, payroll remittance or inaccurate payroll.

It's easy. Drop your documents in the mail once a month (in our postage-paid envelope). Or drop them off at any of our FBC locations across Canada. We'll take care of the rest.

Reduce CRA Audit Risk

The key to protecting against a CRA Audit ruling is to make sure you keep records in order to comply with any requests for information.

The proper account structure and processes will reduce the risk an audit will occur in the first place (by helping with more accurate tax returns). And, it also reduces the likelihood that CRA will rule against you if it goes to court.

You Are Not Alone

As an FBC member, you’ll never have to deal with government officials alone; we will act as your audit representative on any challenge of your returns for income tax or GST/HST. Timing is critical in such matters since there are deadlines for filing challenges.

With FBC Payroll and Bookkeeping solutions, you'll have a Professional Bookkeeper and Payroll Specialist dedicated to your accounts. And you'll have access to your data and reports 365/24/7.

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Unlock Your Small Business True Profit Potential

Everyone is busy these days. We say to ourselves, "I need more time." Well, you can't have more time. You've got just as much time as everyone else! With your growing enterprise, maybe it's time to focus on what really matters.

Energy flows where intent goes. Take care of your clients.
Let us focus on:



Learning about the latest whiz-bang software feature.


Tax Law

How to apply the latest tax & reporting laws to your books.



How to set up accounts and processes. And keep everything humming along nicely.


FBC Payroll and Bookkeeping Services offer expertise without the worry of knowing you might have done something wrong.

If you get something wrong in accounting, it can really snowball on you. Late tax payments. Fines. Late or inaccurate payroll remittances. Bad account setup. Wrong reconciliations.

To some, accounting software is complex and a hassle that takes away time that could be spent growing your business. There's hundreds of ways to put data into different places in the hundreds of software screens you can navigate to. And ... bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and tax law compliance is complicated! If you don't recognize the terms "month-end adjustment," "credit card reconciliation," or "EBITDA," then maybe it's time to consider FBC’s Payroll and Bookkeeping solutions.

Good bookkeeping is critical in managing the financial aspects of your farm or small business.

The biggest mistake a small business owner can make? They don’t pay enough attention to doing their books or keeping them up-to-date. It's so easy to get behind and it can really cause problems for your company. If it's done right, it can open opportunities up for you like being approved for a grant or loan.


Accurate and up-to-date bookkeepingcan help you:

  • Be more profitable
  • Make timely and informed business decisions
  • Secure loans or attract new business partners
  • Complete GST/HST/PST returns
  • Reconcile Monthly Credit Card & Bank Statements/CC statements
  • Capture Expenses & Revenues Correctly
  • Be confident in monthly Financial Statements
  • Prepare accurate and complete tax returns, both personal and business
  • Ensure you're protected when dealing with CRA and audit situations
  • Complete applications for grants and rebates

A consistent payroll system can ensure:

  • Employees are paid on time
  • Employees are paid the proper amount
  • Accurate calculation of deductions
  • Deductions prepared & remitted to CRA, CPP, EI
  • Regular Summaries, Employee Reports & Year End T4’s
  • ePay - Direct Deposit (Available as an option)


Choosing the Right Bookkeeping Solution for Your Farm or Small Business

Whether you want a basic paper record keeping system, a professional bookkeeper to handle all your record keeping and payroll, or just want an online accounting system to help you with your small business bookkeeping, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

Call us today at 1-800-265-1002 to get started.

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