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Farmer’s Tax Calendar [Infographic]

Tax Season may have come and gone, but it doesn’t mean you can forget about taxes until next year.

Depending on your business and whether or not CRA requires you to make quarterly instalments, there may be other tax dates that you need to remember.

As a farmer you don’t want to miss the application and filing deadlines for risk management programs such as AgriStability and AgriInvest.

For example, the next deadline for quarterly installments is September 15, and the next deadline (for all provinces except Ontario)to submit the AgriStability and AgriInvest Harmonized Form without penalty is September 30.

Check out our new Farmer’s Tax Calendar to help remind you of important dates.

Click here to open the Infographic in a new window where you can zoom and re-size, if you need to.


farmer tax calendar


Farmer’s Tax Calendar — an Infographic by the team at

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